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수업 종류


50 min | English, Korean

Mat practice to the next level. Utilizing the resistance of the leg springs, arm springs, and push-through bar, you’ll discover greater depth and flexibility. Tower is challenging, addictive, fun, and will surprise you every time! Previous Pilates equipment experience is required.


Classic Reformer

50 min | English, Korean

The most widely known of all the Pilates equipment, the reformer offers endless possibilities to keep your workout feeling fresh and inspired. The spring resistance on the reformer will encourage you to work your deepest core muscles while flowing through the classical exercises.


Pilates Sculpt

50 min | English, Korean

Strengthen and sculpt your entire body with the use of all the apparatus changing weekly including the Reformer, Tower, Chair and small props. Test your balance and stability while building strength with this combination class. Previous Pilates equipment experience is required.

Class Schedule

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Class Schedule

Please use the link below for more information about Private & Duet sessions

개인 수업을 위한 스케쥴 및 문의는 아래 링크에서 등록 부탁 드립니다.




​• Group classes are 50 minutes.

​• Group classes are maximum of 3 members per class.

​• Group session should be booked online.

​• Please remember there are no refunds or rescheduling available. Please check your schedule prior to your sessions.

​• For first-time clients, please arrive a few minutes early to complete your client forms.

​• Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. 

​• The class will begin on time. 

​• There are no cancellations or re-schedules available for group classes.

​• Unable to make the reserved group classes will subject to a full charge for the session as a no-show.

​• It is possible for the schedule to change or be cancelled on the day of the session due to weather. You will not be charged the full tuition fee.

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