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​루트 필라테스 프로그램 소개

Private Lesson

프라이빗한 공간 & 1:1 체계적인 관리의 개인 레슨

Pilates was developed to train the entire muscles of the body, aiming to achieve stability in the abdomen and balance in the whole body. We emphasize the importance of the pelvis and spine, promoting balanced development of overall muscle strength and enhancing body flexibility, leading to improved blood circulation contributing to overall health and posture correction.

Image by bruce mars

Correction of Posture

자세 교정

Due to incorrect posture and muscle imbalances, the body can deform or experience functional impairments. Individuals suffering from modern chronic conditions like rounded shoulders, forward head posture, can achieve postural correction by recognizing proper alignment and restoring the function of underutilized muscles.

Image by Levi Stute


​척추 질환

Strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine to help reduce pain and facilitate smoother movement. Programed for individuals dealing with various spinal conditions such as disc herniations, pre- and post-disc surgeries, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and pelvic pain.

Image by i yunmai

Body Slimming & Diet

​다이어트 & 비만 관리

Pilates strengthens lengthening, sustaining, and enduring muscles, creating resilient and muscle definition. Those interested in weight loss can benefit from an increased basal metabolic rate and reduced body fat, leading to a healthier and more attractive physique.

Image by Morgan Petroski


​근력 강화

Enhancing both deep (intrinsic) and large muscle groups through Pilates helps to maintain a well-balanced muscle mass. Pilates not only prevents degeneration in the musculoskeletal system, including the waist, shoulders, neck, joints, and wrists but also reinforces muscle elasticity.

Image by Andrew Lomas

Golf Conditioning

​골프 컨디셔닝

Focus on regaining bodily balance by countering the effects of repetitive one-sided motions and collapsed pelvises. Pilates helps golfers seeking to enhance core stability and balance. Alongside reducing and preventing joint pain, such as in the elbows and wrists, it also strengthens muscles to improve swing performance.

Image by Adrià Crehuet Cano

Kids Growth

청소년 성장 프로그램

For children in their growth phase, stretching and strength exercises not only boost physical fitness and stimulate skeletal growth plates but also instill habits of maintaining proper posture. Pilates contributes to brain development and increased concentration, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of learning.

Bridge Pose


 1:1 개인 임신 전후 프로그램

Prenatal and postnatal Pilates offers significant benefits by focusing on maintaining core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment throughout the stages of pregnancy. Incorporating techniques like rib cage breathing enhances lung capacity and oxygenates the body, supporting both the mother's well-being and the baby's development.

Pilates can aid in preparing for labor by promoting pelvic stability and body awareness, and contribute to a quicker recovery postpartum by targeting muscles crucial for regaining strength and posture, while also providing a nurturing space for new mothers to foster physical and mental resilience.

Exercise during pregnancy must be conducted in accordance with precautions. (Exercise timing, postures to avoid, frequency of exercise, etc.)

Duet / Group Lesson

​2:1 듀엣 / 3:1 그룹 레슨 

A small specialized group program conducted with equipments emphasizes mostly on strength training. By also incorporating props, participants can experience maximum exercise benefits.

* Group Pilates programs are not recommended for individuals with neck or disc issues, or those in need of rehabilitation.


2:1  Duet Lesson

2인 듀엣 레슨

A Duet session involves a 50 minute session with two participants, focusing on personalized exercises and guidance under the supervision of an instructor.

3:1 Group/Trio Lesson

최대 3인 그룹 레슨

Group sessions are based on individual Pilates foundational skills and experience. Participants are assigned to suitable tiers for the class using the reformer, tower, chair, and small props. A Trio Pilates lesson offers tailored exercises and guidance for three participants at an affordable price under the supervision of an instructor.

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