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Solar Pilates Education

Spring 2024
Intructor Training

솔라 필라테스 3기 지도자 과정 모집중


Exclusive & New!


This is an enhanced 1:1 personalized training program. Individuals can choose their program and their instructors to ensure a harmonious Pilates experience.

Classical Pilates

​정통 필라테스

Joseph Pilates' "Contrology" method teaches the principles of body movement, promoting awareness of habits and relieving tension to enhance the quality of movement and bring about lifestyle changes.


Posture Correction

체형교정 / 제활치료

The program is designed to strengthen stabilizing muscles for those with imbalances and localized pain, aiding in the recovery of overall muscle balance and functionality.


Pre/Post Natal 

​산전/산후 필라테스

During pregnancy, we focus on correcting misalignments, strengthening muscles, and supporting a comfortable lifestyle, contributing to a smooth childbirth.


Kids Growth

키즈 성장 필라테스

For children, the program fosters growth, concentration, and proper posture, addressing the challenges of prolonged sitting and promoting fundamental physical fitness.



Posture Correction / Pain Relief

체형교정 / 통증완화

Individuals with imbalances, localized pain, and incorrect habits affecting overall body balance and spinal issues will benefit from this program, which aims to restore overall muscle balance, alleviate imbalances and pain, and promote functional recovery.

Benefits: Posture correction, pain relief, rehabilitation exercise, improved flexibility

Program: Accurately assess body condition, analyze the root cause, and apply proper exercise techniques to reduce pain and correct distorted posture with the goal of enhancing overall well-being. 

Reformer Pilates


Classical Pilates

정통 필라테스

Through Joseph Pilates' "Contrology," reawaken numerous dormant muscle cells and stimulate dormant brain cells. Learn to control your muscles by performing movements correctly through regulated muscle use, and achieve freedom of movement along with posture correction.

"Initially, it may be challenging to perfect the exercises. However, this demonstrates why the exercise is necessary and the benefits it brings to you. With patience and perseverance, you can eventually achieve an ideal posture for your health." 

From Joseph Pilates <Your Health>

Benefits: Conscious control of mind and body, improve overall strength, weight loss, posture correction, pain relief, golf

Program: Strengthen the powerhouse through the original Pilates movements. Learn correct movement sequences and methods from beginner to advanced levels with emphasis on breathing techniques, principles, and precautions.


Pre/Post Natal Pilates

​임산부 필라테스 [산전/산후]

All levels of exercises are adjusted based on the pregnancy stage and are tailored to strengthening the pelvic floor and the core. We help our clients from potential risks such as diabetes, thrombosis, hypertension, excessive weight gain, and increased symptoms of depression. Individual outcomes may vary and recommend exercising after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Benefits: Smooth childbirth, prevention of rapid weight gain, strengthen the pelvic floor and the core, and quick postpartum recovery.

Program: Enhance the body's stability through Pilates breathing technique and exercises.

Maternity Yoga Private Class
Yoga Class


Kids Pilates

키즈 성장 필라테스 프로그램

As smartphone usage rises, physical activity declines, particularly during adolescence's second growth spurt. Many youths may not sense discomfort despite minor posture issues, but cultivating good habits soon as possible can sustain proper posture into adulthood.

"The balance of mind and body is being able to consciously control all muscle movements in the body, and it is the correct utilization and application forming the skeletal structure of the body."

From Joseph Pilates <Your Health>

Benefits: Improved concentration, stimulation of growth through joint and muscle stimulation during the growth period, posture correction.

Program: Using props to keep children engaged, the use of equipment in classes involves focused care to minimize risks.

New! Private Session Trial

1 on 1
Intro Package

This is an enhanced 1:1 private lesson intro package program. You can choose the program for your needs, and work with a suitable instructor.

Option 01.

3 Sessions / Different Instructors


  • Different program, different instructor

  • Find the program that suits your needs

  • Experience diverse teaching styles

Option 02.

3 Sessions / Same Instructor


  • Same program, same instructor

  • Build trust and connection

  • Consistent progression

Duet / Trio

2:1 Duet / 3:1 Trio

Specialized small group programs with the use of most apparatus and various props. Focused on strengthening and stabilizing the core.

*Trio Pilates programs are not recommended for neck or back disc patients or those in need of rehabilitation.

2:1 Duet

Experience the benefits of Pilates with someone you care about. Choose your instructor and enjoy flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle.


3:1 Trio

Experience personalized attention of a private session with the energy and motivation of a small group. Reserve classes at designated class times.

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Loyalty Program

Book your first session today to enjoy the perks!

Our Loyalty Program is designed to reward our loyal customers who continue to choose our studio as a part of their lifestyle. We want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, and the Loyalty Program is just one way we show our support.

FREE Sessions

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